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Uncommonly bright and fresh flavors

If I tell you that I was close to tears upon discovering that my take-home bag of curried tofu and vegetables had been left behind, could you understand just how good it was? The new Vietnamese restaurant Minh Hai is cooking up home-style food that could make us all book flights to Saigon — or drive to Park Avenue every day...

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You don't have to be flush to eat like a king in Rhode Island

Everyone loves a bargain, especially living-on-a-shoestring college students and those just-moved-to-Rhody residents who eat out a lot while getting settled...

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Rhode Island Best Bargains

So many Asian restaurants offer more than one cuisine, but here the focus is straight-ahead Vietnamese, with many intriguing dishes to explore, including salads with spicy grilled beef, chicken, or shrimp; "special rice," cooked with garlic; and the most delicious eggplant dishes on the planet.

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I eat Pho once a week and I would drink Bubble Tea daily if I could. I've tried these two items at every restaurant that offers them in RI, and sadly more

Lindsay M.


Amazing PHO! Fresh and broth always on point! Can't wait to head out their todAy with my son. It's a quiet small place with food that has big more

Aneisa C.


Pho was great. Quiet little spot, I'll be going more

Bryan M.

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